Myths of Product Development


Product Development is a series of development steps undertaken by an organization in order to launch a product in the market that was initially designed using procedures of industrial design, catering to the boundaries of schedule and time.

The product development is not merely a single phase but a sequel of planned steps in which an organized team is involved in hierarchical fashion for the development and the deployment of the product.

There is a clear distinction between manufacturing and development but intermixing of different industrial processes often lead to myths regarding the same. There are several illusions in the market about the product development, which needs to be cleared out.

We have come out with a list of myths of product development if understood can help you excel in the domain:

Realize that product development and manufacturing are two different aspects

Product manufacturing is a predictable process that is to be repeated multiple times during the process whereas product development is a unique and innovative process where the requirements constantly change and are more of an unpredictable process. Manufacturing can be a part of product development but product development, on the other hand, has a wide horizon and caters to totally different concerns.

High Utilization of resources is mandatory for better performance

All the small and large scale product development firm believe in utilizing their resources above 98% in order to enhance their performance but the same has turned out to be a myth. In past scenarios, high utilization of resources has often let to delay in the deliverable schedule of the product. High raked professionals often underestimate this point and the scenario affects the economic performance and other factors like inventory consumption. The development work is a variable process and managers must cater to the same.

Sticking to the development plan

You might have formulated a great development plan with the help of experts and might have an everlasting vision but the same might not always work in the case of product development as the requirements for the same constantly change. Sticking to your development plan is not a matter of pride but can be an outcome of poor management and execution. The final outcome of the same can turn out your idea of innovation.

Early you start, early your product development will finish

You might have a well-formulated schedule for your product development but abiding by the same is not always easy as there are numerous unseen problems that can come your way, during the development process. The assumptions you have made about technology and market have no certainty will prevail for the longer run. Walking ahead of time is a smart decision but monitoring your process wisely at every step is a wise decision.

Including more product features

The features you are including your product, should not be diverse. No customer seeks everything in one product rather choose to introduce unique and innovative features that make your product useful amongst the public.



Product Development Tips You Must Follow

Product development today is a business of experts who along with the experience have tips and tricks for faster and better development of products. The certain thought that triggers your mind while developing a product is that what innovative or attractive should I introduce in the product so that the consumer consumes it. Your idea is your key to success.

Product Development Tips You Must Follow


We have come out with a series of tips that will certainly prove to be effective when you undergo the development for your next product:

Cost Counts

Before you initiate the process, you should not forget to peek into the money matters. Count the cost and come out with your estimate version of the product, including designing, manufacturing, salaries, and overheads. If you think that your assets and resources are adequate to yield a successful product with an appropriate marketing strategy to bring home returns and glories for you, go for the product. No smart developer would ever like to go down the unfruitful road.

Speed up the process

You might have undergone the time estimate before developing the product, but what happens frequently is the elapse of time milestone. Your later stages of development can turn out to be more time-consuming; you have to maintain the pace of product development throughout. Some of the strategies for the same can be going different paths down the detailed tree design and choosing the most optimum path, upgrading your technology with time and most importantly setting up milestones to measure your progress.

Do not forget to follow the time/cost reduction throughout the process.

Cater to the customer needs

When you are developing a product, develop the same with the customer in your mind, because ultimately the consumer is the one who is going to end up using the product. If you think that you would have bought the same product as a customer, you are heading the right direction. For better opinions, you can communicate with the customers via means of surveys and polls. Analyze and research the market for better results.

Open Up your ears and mind

When you are developing your product, anything and everything around can do wonders for you. Do not hesitate to take opinions of your colleagues, who knows what they have brought in. Work in collaboration. Go for brainstorming sessions and come out with revolutionizing ideas. Once you are into this business, you must be open to criticism as it is something that will help you realize your mistakes and opt for a better alternative.

Prepared for the pivot

There might be instances during the product development when you might have to pivot from the path you were following. Prepare yourself for the same and do not be afraid of the same. You never know which one turns out to be a million dollar spin. Before you take up the path does not forget to research and scrutinize the pivotal decision you are taking.

Be confident and work to change the market and your product development will eventually turn out to be successful.


Product Failure: What to do in case it happens to your company


Industrial and Product Design
Product Failure: What to do in case it happens to your company


There might be times when you have put in all your time and effort in a particular product development and still product failure knocks, believe us, it can happen to anyone. The first thing that should strike your mind is that your product has failed, it is neither you nor your business. Failures are truly the stepping stones to success and this product failure is something that is going to bring you lessons for the lifetime.

Nobody wants to fail but the truth is quite opposite, every company is it a small scale or a large scale organization has faced product failure at one time or the other but what matters is how you deal with such failures. In case your company is going through a product failure, we can help you cope up:

Find out what went wrong

Product failure can be caused by a single step or might have accumulated due to a series of decisions. Travel back the time and find out what went wrong. Collect in depth information and employ your R&D team for the same. Avoid jumping to instant conclusions and stay away from the blame game, rather think of your organization as a whole and cater to it that the same is not repeated twice.

Why your product failed

There might be plenty of answers to why your product failed, everyone will actually have a different explanation for the product failure. However, you have to find the righteous reason for the same. You have to dig deep down the root for the cause and slash it down in a way, that is not repeated again, not even unintentionally. Considering a person failed in his particular work is not enough, working on the reason, why he failed is utmost important.

Future precautions

Once you have known the reason for your product failure, the same should not be repeated by your team for the future products you owe. In terms of quality assurance, corrective actions should be taken by experts to eliminate all the future risks encircling product failure. Say, if your design was at fault then corrective action involves verifying of design procedure by experts in the domain or adding an external procedure for the design verification and authentication.

Communication with the customer

Losing a client is something no business ever wants to undergo. Communicate what went wrong to your client and they will surely trust you for the successful product development in future. Reassure your customer that the same won’t be repeated because no company can afford the tag of bad reviews with them on the verge of growth.

Embrace your failure

Learn from your mistakes. Do not take the product fails to your heart, in case one strategy fails you have numerous options to explore and eventually come out with a better one. How you react to your product failure can determine the extent of your company growth.

Industrial and Product Design: All You Have to Think About

The Industrial Design in layman’s language can be termed as designing of products that are to be used public and must be innovative and practical enough for mass production. The term has evolved recently, but the similar work has been the carried out for decades. Creativity and vision for future are what lets and industrial design going and eventually, the results are innovative, attractive and something influential and above all useful.

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Industrial and Product Design: All You Have to Think About

Any product that you can think of is the ultimatum stage of a designing phase. Earlier done manually by craftsmen and now by expertise professional teams, industrial designing will never go out of fashion. The below mentioned key points are all you need to know about Industrial Design:



The advent of industrialization has reduced the drift between the craftsmanship and mass production that help back innovations at earlier times. As the quality of life increased in twentieth-century more comfortable and useful products began to make their way into the market, paving the way for the industrial design process.

The domain is as broad as you can think

An industrial designer is not merely confined to technology or smart apps, he is someone who can design any and every product that you can think of. Industrial designing is carried out on all the products be it a new washing machine, a waterproof smartphone cover, a shopping place or even the wearable items like shoes and watch. Next time, you here ‘industrial designing’, consider the same to be something really diverse.

What it includes

The gigantic domain of industrial design is divided into three sub-domains, where the experts work together and turn your dreams into reality. This includes User Interface design, product design, and user experience design. The three sub-parts are worked upon by individual experts in their respective fields and the recombined in order to come out with one final outcome of Industrial Design.

Growth Rate

Gone are the days, when manually the work for industrial design was accomplished by employees. Industrial design is now the initial process, the base for every product manufacturing and launch. Several institutes have introduced the same as the professional course for the willing young thinking minds to pursue their career in the same and take the whole thing to another level.

Home to creativity

Industrial designing is an art, it is truly a home to creativity as it demands a person or team to design something that is innovative, attractive and unique in the market. The requirement of the same should be such that people buy the product when launched in the market with the right marketing strategies and techniques. The design prepared should be a solution to the problem that the client and the customer are actually looking for. All the products we use daily is an outcome of the basic needs of a person. An industrial design should be prepared to keep the same in mind.


Why Select Outsource Product Development Services?

The process of a good product development is completed through proper research, full-proof planning, strategic development, establishing an effective communication channel, implementation, and testing of applications.


These days, there are a large number of companies available in the market who rely on outsourcing company for getting product development services. For getting a high-quality of product to be developed, first of all, it is important to specify your requirements to the development company clearly. Therefore, it is important to completely define your product development requirements so as to ensure flexible, robust as well as a scalable solution.

By getting service from outsourcing company, you will get different benefits such as

Reduce Reworks

With appropriate experience and skills in a specific technology of an outsourcing company rework or correction of mistakes, the probability will decrease. You can take time to time update from the developing outsourcing team so that time to time you can ask for changes if you require. You can ask them to make necessary changes at the right time for avoiding rework.


One of the most important factors is the reduction of costs involved in the development process. It cuts down costs to a greater level if the project is created properly and does not require an extra cost for fixing issues because of the experience of the product development company from which you will take services. By getting services from another company, your organization does not need infrastructure, human resources, software, equipment, licenses etc. For developing a product.


Development organization has appropriate experience used for developing a solution depending on the current market trends. It can be considered as an essential reason for the increasing demand of such organizations.

Timely Solution:

Product developer will work hard with full concentration on your project to deliver on-time while internal employees are involved in other business operations.


Effective Communication:

Maintaining proper communication channel is also quite important to ensure better end-result. While considering this need, developers provide you access to the development process so that you can give your inputs without any delay.

Whether you want to improve bottom lines, manage costs or save time, you can depend on the outsourced product development organization for getting a quality of work. But it is important to note that, before you make the decision to choose a product development service provider organization, properly verify about that company. Although there are various development companies that exist in the industry, it is important to trust only on experienced companies.

The reason behind is that they can sense the complexities involved as well as create an effective development strategy to come out with the problem easily. In addition, all your concept, ideas, and organization information will be legally secured by signing Non-Disclosure Agreement deal with an outsourced company. So, you can be sure to develop an innovative and unique solution for capturing the wider market with your investment in product development services.

Advantage of Changing Aspect of New Product Development

cropped-bigstock-125640185-11.jpgThese days industry of product development is perpetually changing for satisfying preferences and needs of users. Therefore it is a huge challenge for designers and developers to create up to date new product using all advanced tools and technology. It is important to note that flexibility and speed are two vital factors needed for a successful development and design of a product.

By speed, it generally means that organizations will have to produce new products on the periodic and regular basis. In fact, according to a survey, it is proved that by producing products periodically or on regular basis leads to good profit for companies.

With a focus on the approach for development in the industry, organizations are stimulated to look for a professional product development company which can assist them in the design and manufacturing process.


For understanding how new product development industry is changed, it is quite essential to compare old approach with a new approach. Usually, a traditional approach consists race relay format where teams or a particular individual is assigned to do a particular task based on skills. Hence, a production system is divided into different segments which are completed on s specific stage of a process. At a given sequence, this process is followed from phase to phase. Organizations might differ in approach and general procedure from them is a conception of an idea then feasibility test comes, next a prototype design is built, next is pilot production and at the end is final production. The traditional method is particularly based on specialization whereas new approach s built on constant interaction.

The second approach is flexibility. This particular technique enables companies to release products in a speedy mode. According to experts, this approach is a good move because the traditional approach leads to some form of rigidity to the process. With a new system in place, it is helpful in firing up motivation as well as new inventionĀ ideas even for large organizations also. It is essential to note that more development ensues with this process. New approach encourages initiative among workers at all levels to fulfil all demands of the project and business as you go along, rather than to be just close to a pre-determined system.


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